Jan 18, 2016

(second) first post!!!

Hello internet,

Sarah Is Back, ready to go as ever, alive and kicking, slightly hungry, mild pain in the arm (because I slept on it weirdly). I suppose I owe you all an apology, so here it is.

I panicked and I'm sorry

Lesson 1: Sarah never apologizes correctly

Anywho, these last few weeks of holidays are dissolving through my fingers, and although it's stressful (the constant plaguing fear that we can never take back time and that every breathing second is a tick closer to death......... just me? ok), I cannot be more excited to finally see everyone again! To finally be in an environment that pushes me to be the best me, dictating with rules, structure and timetables! I will no longer be a puddle of pudgy flesh! I will once again have a human form! I know I will take this back when the workload and stress begins to pile on, but for now I just really want to see people that I recognize and love.

And for those newcomers, Hi!!!!!!!!!! Welcome To This Emotional Rollercoaster Wreck, Aka Milkywater!!!!! Here are some of my other social media and whatnot that you can find me on:

Here's a list of my favourite things :-)))))))) 

Ok I have to leave I'm getting sick of hearing my inside-head voice - but I will be back fo sho!!!!!!! (Though I don't know how often I'll be able to post, due to um school) 

Lots of flittering wings and puppy paws, 

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