Mar 4, 2016

Overwhelmed: a visual

This week has been just full of love and experimentation and edginess and general teenagery commotion!!! I printed a shirt, 

Look @ these snazzy sunnies that I thrifted!! 
 I also started a sticker club and held our first sticker club trade/meeting:

I did the following collection because I was just physically exhausted from school and so I took a break, went outside, put stickers everywhere and got attacked by mosquitos.

Yellow's my new favourite colour!!!!!!! 

Excuse the weird thing my hair is doing 

 Finally, not photoset is complete without a dang sunset.

This week was made up of equal parts of stressful to equal parts of fun - I just really hope I can use these weekends to really fix myself and catch up on school because an exam block is imminent and I can already smell the struggle.

Anyway, lots of red hair ties and missing socks,


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